A pawfect place for pet owners to connect

A cute dog is tied up with their lead to a chair. You can see 2 people's legs who are sat down at a table. The table is on some wooden decking.


I created the concept, brand and website for a new venture: Pawdly.


I was desperate to get a puppy. I am basically obsessed with dachshunds, and while I was researching, I realised it really takes a team to raise a needy pet.

I’m talking about great breeders; rescue homes; pet sitters; dog walkers; great vets. People you can trust with your furry / feathery / scaly pal.

I didn’t want to compromise too much on my lifestyle, so I needed to know how to travel with my dog; where the pet-friendly cafes, restaurants and venues are at home and away and I needed to track down pet-friendly accommodation too.

I couldn’t find a place where all of this and more was in one place and it was easy to search for the info I needed. A place where locals, visitors, digital nomads and expats could share their pet knowledge — so I thought I'd create it.

Skills used

Customer research
User interface design
Web design
Visual design

Team size

Sole designer / Venture builder
Project length
Concept to launch took around 1 month
Early homepage wireframes of the Pawdly site for desktop; tablet and mobile

Research phase

I began by getting a feel for the kind of information pet owners are looking for by sending out a survey in pet owners circles. I then spoke to a number of local pet owners about their pet knowledge needs and pain points.

Based on feedback from this research, I put together some wireframes to test out content with some local pet owners and see what did and didn’t resonate.

Lady with very dark curly hair smiling while a dog she is cuddling sniffs her cheek.
"I had to do soooo much research, planning, logistics and money spent to bring my dog to Portugal. I was very stressed that i was missing something."

Survey participant

Visual design phase

I created the Pawdly brand. The wordmark looks fluffy and cuddly. I used fresh green colours as a nod to the great outdoors and chose friendly and welcoming imagery, with pets showcased front and centre. I also wanted to make sure the colours, content and interactions were accessible and were producing the lowest levels of carbon possible.

The style guide for Pawdly. This shows different sections such as treatments for strategy; tone of voice; logos; colour and typography. .

The launch

The launch was very exciting. The word was spread across pet owner groups and I placed stickers and cards over Lisbon.

To incrementally improve the site, I use Google Analytics and Hotjar and I regularly chat with the community to help it serve the members better.

The Pawdly site has since been featured on Relume’s site inspiration showcase.

Street electricity box in Lisbon in front of a red wall. On the electricity box are stickers and posters. There is also a round sticker which says Pawdly on it and a square sticker which says "Miaow". The square sticker also has the Pawdly logo and a QR code. Below the QR code is text that says "Scan me!" Below that is text that reads: "join the pet owners' community on pawdly.io"A women sits at a table with a Pawdly card on it. She is holding up another Pawdly card. On the card is a QR code to scan and in larger text it says "Lisbon pet lovers unite."

Future plans

Pawdly is up and running and is expanding to other cities and countries.

Get in touch if you would like to be involved.

A dog and owner sit on a sofa. The owner is looking at an iPhone viewing the Pawdly website. The headline reads "Connect with local pet people."

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