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Designing deliciously for a healthy food startup

An aboard outside a Detox Kitchen store saying "50% off from 5:30pm"; "saving food that is too good to waste" with some vegetable drawings


I worked closely with the fantastic team at Detox kitchen, collaborating over a number of years as their only designer, to delivery a recognisable and desirable brand to customers across their three stores, home delivery packages, and takeaway meals.

I collaborated with the team after a large funding round and a huge rebrand. I applied the new branding across the company’s stores and materials, then worked with the team to develop and evolve the brand’s identity as the company rapidly scaled. Louise also helped shape the pitch deck for their next successful round of funding.

Skills used

Market research
Concept routes
Visual design

Team size

I was the dedicated designer, plus Detox Kitchen team
Project length
2 years
Detox KItchen store windows full of illustrations of eggs, avocados, bananas, lettuce and the text on the window reads  "New breakfast menu - open sandwiches, banana bread, breakfast pots"

A fresh feel

I applied the new brand across Detox Kitchen’s three London delis, including advertising materials for a new store opening. I then continued to create seasonal campaign collateral which incorporated the evolving visual brand identity.

Two feedback flyers for Detox Kitchen. The flyer reads "Tell it like it is" and behind the text is a sweet potato salad.
“Louise worked with us at Detox Kitchen for several years, and continued to produce work to a very high standard. I would highly recommend Louise for any of your design needs.”

Ellen Tewkesbury

Head of Brand, Detox Kitchen

Two posters on the wall in a Detox Kitchen store. One says "seriously good coffee" and the other says "banana bread for breakfast"

Packaging for stores

I created packaging designs for home deliveries and meals sold in department and health food stores including Selfridges and Planet Organic. The ranges were regularly renewed by retailers and I continued to design an expanded range of dessert and snack packaging, plus seasonal style refreshes.

Packing designs sold in.a department store. The packaging is for 'Voke Poke' It reads: "Pronounced 'v-okay', a flavoursome vegetarian poke bowl with quinoa, crunchy veg, ginger onion jam and sesame dressing"Packaging for an avocado egg wrap on a white background. The description on the label reads "free range egg wrap with avocado, tomato and hunmus"

Social media campaigns

I worked with the Detox Kitchen team on social media campaigns, for the brand’s then 172k Instagram followers. Many campaign videos I illustrated and animated received 10k+ likes and recipe videos I created visuals for were shown on British Vogue online.

How can I help you stand out from the crowd?

I can create a consistent brand and apply it across your assets so your customers will easily understand who you are and what you stand for.