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Louise from Futurelabs carried out this work in a small team of 3 designers. In this fast-paced new product innovation assignment, the client Farmdrop asked the team to explore creating an app which provides customers with an opportunity to track their health and book onto events.

Farmdrop was a British sustainable and ethical food delivery company which provided customers with farm-fresh food, locally-sourced fish, everyday essentials and household goods. Their mission was to “fix the food chain” and pay farmers 70% of profits made from food they sold. In just 2 weeks Louise and the team produced a prototype of a new rewards-scheme product for Farmdrop based on user and market opportunity research.

  • —  Market research
  • —  Customer research
  • —  Ideation workshops
  • —  UX prototyping
  • —  UX testing
  • —  Brand guide
  • —  User interface design
3 screens from the cultivate app. The left screen shows a field with points signs and a dot showing where the user is at. It reads "Only 5 points to become a bronze member. Then a large button reads "review your health data for 5 points". The second screen shows a health dashboard with a weekly or monthly view. A message reads "Scroll down to review your health information and get another 5 points". Then there is items like Steps and Stand hours with data displayed. The third screen shows an event. It reads "Farmdrop Herb Class". A user can book tickets (which are free) for the class —the screen shows photos and location for the event, plus a big 'Book' button."

A survey and interviews with Farmdrop customers and target future customers showed an audience who regularly track their fitness with technology and lead very healthy lifestyles. We noticed a trend in feeling guilty or bad when not hitting lifestyle goals. We saw an opportunity to offer health-tracking with a positive twist. Our interviewees led busy social lives and loved to attend events with their friends. When we asked how they found out about Farmdrop we discovered it was typically through a friend’s recommendation, so we knew inviting friends along to events could be a great way to further build the Farmdrop community.

"I feel guilty when I don't meet my fitness tracking goals."

— Alma, Farmdrop customer

Three onboarding screens for the Cultivate app. The left shows a welcome message and a watering can watering the brand seed, the middle shows that you sync, collect points and unlock events through the a and the third screen shows a message about data privacy, the option to sync with your Apple Health account and there is an image of a heart.

We needed to create a product to fit seamlessly with Farmdrop's current mix of apps and services. We also had to incorporate Farmdrop’s values and culture; as an ethical retailer, we had to be careful to consider the implications of data collection. We needed to build trust and make sure the user would be fully in control of how their data was shared and tracked. The result was a gamified health-tracking experience where customers could sync their health data from Apple Health or Fitbit and receive rewards for staying heathy—unlocking Farmdrop events to attend with friends.

Billboard in a green luscious area. On the billboard it reads "new from Farmdrop — tend to your health like our farmers tend to their crops" Cultivate." There is also a person, arms outstretched in a field feeling the sun on their face.

The team created the Cultivate brand, using the visual of a seed, to show that using the app would help customers slowly and holistically flourish. The brand used Farmdrop’s signature colour palette and typefaces but added a bright orange 'sporty carrot' colour to create the feeling of energy and health. This was then delivered to the client in a brand styleguide.

Cultivate style and tone of voice guide. Pages explaining typeface-, colour- and logo-use.
Static: Cultivate app loading screen. Seedling mark and Cultivate logo.
Animated: Cultivate screens looping from signing up to the app to booking on your first event with a free ticket for a friend

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